amazing people - Bob

I had a talk today with a fellow member of one of the Walden’s Doctoral Committees I serve in. And it occurred to me that I need to say something about these amazing people that I meet sometimes. You see, we always focus on these pressing deadlines and urgent business, and on these KPIs and everything in between.

But we forget all to often that the real change, the real value for our lives is brought by the persons we meet. And when we meet someone that inspires us, we should make a note of that, we should acknowledge that gift we were given. Today was one of those days. I met a wonderful person which reminded me why mentoring is so rewarding.

Bob is a geophysicist as formation, which is no small thing, but he also has vast knowledge about psychology and education. He traveled the world and worked in Japan and other places, some exotic like Fiji, some more ordinary. The amazing thing is that his cultural awareness and life experiences are worth being narrated in a book.

I learned same valuable things today from Bob, but what inspired me the most was his deep commitment to his students. I feel blessed to have the chance to work with such people.

Dorin Stanciu
Professor of Psychology. Doctoral supervisor/URR

I am a psychology and ergonomics/human factors researcher and teacher (with a focus on ML/AI applications, especially for NLU/NLP).